M 001

    Each pair of «SENIN» sneakers  is made exclusively by hand – without application of automatic machine tightening and separately assembled components! The individual code for each pair of shoes contains information about all the masters, participating in the process of production of the product, ultimately personifying thereby quality of work!



    The upper part of the sneakers «SENIN» is made of the skin of crocodiles of two types: Nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus) – the second largest crocodile in the world, grown on the farms of the Nile Basin, and the Mississippian Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) from crocodile farms in Florida. Primary processing up to «wet salted» crocodile skins are passed directly on the farms, and  then gone to Italy, where they are finalized and painted in compliance with international quality standards.

    Each pair of sneakers «SENIN» always contains two whole crocodile skins – for maximum match pattern on the right and left hemisphere, as well as to select the most invoice areas of the skin under certain fragments of the top.

    For the branding of each pair of «SENIN» sneakers four elements are used with firm symbolics, including those with gold of 585-th test, silver of 925-th test and Black rhodium, a rare metal of the platinum group.


    As for the lining of the sneakers – this is an internal material that is in contact with the surface of feet: the properties of this material determine the degree of hygiene of the shoes. For the lining of sneakers «SENIN» calfskin is used, processed and painted on Italian factories known for the high quality of their products.

    The peculiarity of this unsurpassed skin – voluminous open pores, allowing it to fully take moisture allocated to the foot and effectively take it out of the inner space of sneakers, providing your foot with an optimal microclimate – dry and  fresh, and therefore – the best hygiene! In addition, this gentle elastic skin has excellent tactile properties, guaranteeing your feet a unique feeling of comfort…


    The sole of the sneakers «SENIN» includes genuine leather, which is layer by layer are recruited directly on each half-pair, thereby forming a wedge heel. Then follows the main array of soles – a layer of elastic microporous rubber, produced by the firm «Selasti» (Italy). The lowest layer is formed from a very strong, wear-resistant, and at the same time – light plantar production rubber of the known Italian company «Vibram», which provides excellent adhesion to any coating or soil.

    The female version of the sneaker «SENIN» differs from the male one by the higher shoe (the setting of the foot): 3 cm in the female version versus 2 cm – in the male.


    For each pair of sneakers «SENIN» liners are made of natural wood (alder and birch) with spring stretch and branded symbolism, covered with a thin layer of finish that does not block the pores of the tree and does not interfere with the absorption of moisture. These pleasant to the eyes and hands accessories perfectly maintain the shape and freshness sneakers «SENIN»!