Igor Senin

«From the very first seconds of staying in the studio of Igor Senin, you understand: Shoes are made here. Among the antique interior of the apartment, located in the heart of the capital, next to the photos in the old frames and vintage magazines the most beautiful shoes are set – male and female. The atmosphere of the studio reminds of the cozy Parisian shoe show rooms – so harmoniously the refined shoes and chamber atmosphere get along here».

«He knew since his childhood that he was destined to become a shoemaker and follow in his father’s footsteps. He created his own workshop more than ten years ago. During this time he’s assembled a team of professionals who understand each other with a half-word».

«Making a pair of shoes in Senin’s studio lasts at least a month: first the foot is measured, next the layout is made and only after that – actually the pair of shoes. Work on each model always takes place in tandem of a master and a client, in the process of discussion and communication. Men’s shoes are made according to the old laws of shoe craftsmanship – the sole and body are sewn together with linen threads».

«Igor does not aspire to publicity and does not divulge his clients’ names. «We do not pursue PR and do not participate in fashion events. Our main task is to improve the level, design and technology». And when you see a pair of turquoise satin shoes embroidered with beads on the windowsill, you understand, they are successful».